Koko and Moochee are once again in danger from their old nemesis Stewart. Stewart is fleeing the scene of a robbery when he spots the two dogs being walked.

The thief vows to put an end to Koko and Moochee for sending him to prison for two years.

  The dogs are chased from their home when Stewart and his two bungling henchmen try to abduct them.

Koko and Moochee are lost in the woods with no food or shelter and bad men searching for them.  The dogs realize the only way they

can  be safe again is to send Stewart back to prison. But how are they going to capture the thieves and recover the stolen jewels?

 The dogs are aided by an unexpected friend in the form of a Siamese cat named Tango.

 Tango finds the dogs amusing and enjoys the excitement that follows Koko and Moochee.

 The story is an acton-packed adventure filled with suspense and comic situations.