I’ve reached that age where I have senior moments. Actually, I reached it some time ago. These are moments caused by lack of attention to detail, which is a trait of senior citizens. But, honestly, sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

For instance, one day I found myself wandering around with a bottle of vitamin pills in my hand. I remembered picking up the bottle of vitamins some time before, but I couldn’t remember if I took one or why the bottle was still in my hand.  So I took one just in case.

Another time, I couldn’t find my reading glasses. As I began to retrace my steps,  I remembered having my glasses with me when I got a coke out of the refrigerator. Yeap, that’s where I found them — in the refrigerator.

My lastest senior moment was a couple of days ago after I took Koko and Mushu out for an afternoon walk. Boy, was it hot! I started perspiring almost immediately. By the time we returned home, I was mopping up the sweat with my handkerchief. I gave the boys a treat, went to the refrigerator for a cold drink, and sat down in front of the fan. I was still perspiring profusely, so I reached behind me to pull out my handkerchief from my pocket. I had difficultly pulling it out, so I leaned forward and pulled harder. It wasn’t budging. Have you ever seen “Donald Duck” throw a fit where he starts quacking and leaps in the air swinging his fists? Well, I was getting to that point. Just then, I spotted my handkerchief on the computer table where I had placed it because it was damp. That’s when I discovered that the thing I had been tugging on was the lining of my back pocket.

Heaven help me!