During my sixty plus years I’ve heard plenty of tall tales.  A friend of mine who worked with me at General Electric was always telling some  tale. One of them ended with a flock of ducks flying away with a frozen pond stuck to their feet. Another of his stories ended with his cousin receiving two black eyes while attending a church service.

My friend’s stories were very good, but the most outrageous tales come from my Aunt Jeanie.  Some of her stories are obviously not true. She turned eighty a few months ago and told me she had mailed some nude pictures of herself to suicide prevention. She said they could use them in poisonings to induce vomiting. I think she enjoys  telling us things like that in public places. Her tales have a certain shock value to them.

Other stories have a ring of truth to them. One was about a trip she made to a secluded beach with her Red Hat Gang or “the Red Hat Ladies” as they call themselves.  Jeanie said their beach was separated from a nude beach by a hill. Their side of the hill  could be climbed, but the other side of the hill was a cliff. My aunt said some of those dirty old women were climbing that hill and hanging onto trees so they could peer over the cliff at the naked men. Jeanie said she nearly fell off that cliff three times.

Aunt Jeanie has two good friends that she’s known for years. Jeanie, Janis and Vera are always going some place together. They’re like the Three Amigos  or, at times, the Three Stooges.  Jeanie asked me to put the three of them in one of my books. I couldn’t think of a good place to put them until I was writing the second book of my new trilogy The Perils of Kandi the Kudzu Monster. The second book is titled Kandi, Kane and the Chimps.  My Aunt Jeanie, Janis and Vera are chimpanzees in my story.

Well, they are more fun than a barrel of monkeys.