I entered Lenny’s sandwich shop wearing my new prosthesis. My new leg is a suction type. A metal tube is attached to the foot on one end and a black section on the other end. The black section flares out on each end and has a tube attached to it and adjustment screws. The other end of the section attaches to a flesh-colored part. Well, the leg looks like something belonging to a Borg from the Star Trek series.
Since I was wearing short pants,the leg was clearly visible.
In the first booth were three youngsters around six years old, two boys and a girl. They were by themselves in the booth waiting for an adult to bring them food. All three were jabbering like monkeys until one of the boys said,”LOOK!” Then in a low voice he announced, “He has a robot leg.” A dead silence followed. I slowly turned toward the children.
The little girl was standing on the seat cushion and staring wide-eyed at my leg. As she slowly raised her eyes to mine, her pupils got even bigger. If you’ve ever seen a Bernie Mack movie, her eyes looked kind of like his.
The little boy who stated I had a robot leg was gripping the edge of the table with one hand while hanging under the table staring at my leg. He reminded me of a little chimpanzee. He never looked up at me.
The other little boy was standing on the opposite seat cushion with his back pressed against the back cushion. He was stiff as a board and staring straight at me. His little hands were clutched together at the center of his chest. He must have thought I was a cyborg and wasn’t sure I was friendly.
I resisted the temptation to slowly stretch out my arm toward him with my hand wide open and shuffle toward their table. That would have certainly caused a panic with screaming children, an outraged parent and a possible stay in jail or the hospital. I could have ended up in the hospital on my way to jail. I would have been banded from Lenny’s, for sure.
Small children aren’t good at whispering. They don’t realize their voices carry further than the table. The lad hanging under the table whispered, “I wish I had a robot leg.”
I just walked away with a big smile on my face, and the children had their first Halloween scare of the season.