I live on the bottom floor of my son and daughter-in-laws’s house. I’m not alone down there. There are two dogs, Koko and Mushu, and the cat, Tango. Both dogs think they are the alpha male, and the cat believes he’s in charge of the bottom floor. I’m not in contention for the alpha male. I’m the servant! The dogs know it; the cat knows it, and I know it. The dogs work out any disputes between themselves, but the cat torments everyone.
Tango is a Siamese, if you please or don’t please. This gives him the right to sneak attack everything that moves or is breathing, for example, sleeping dogs or a human who is trying to relax. He does this because he’s bored and enjoys a good chase around the house. When he becomes a wildcat, I open the back door to provide an escape so the dogs won’t knock over as many things while chasing the darn cat. It also gives me time to cool down after being bitten on the ankle.
The dogs sleep in the bedroom with me at night. I try to keep the cat out of my bedroom, because he likes to jump on furniture at three or four in the morning. Or he might decide to play with a squeak toy during the wee hours of the morning. The squeak toys belong to the dogs and they don’t like the cat messing with their stuff. The dogs jump up, the cat drops the squeak toy and disappears under the bed. If I’m not fully awakened by the squeaks and the dogs jumping up, the chase will wake me for sure. Sometimes when I get out of bed, I step on the toy, which produces a very loud squeak. I yell and the chase comes to a halt. I think the dogs are just panting, but it always looks like they’re laughing at me.
The cat knows I don’t want him in the bedroom at night, so he’ll sneak in the bedroom early and curl up under the dresser or somewhere out of sight. Tango wants to be well-rested for his early morning activities. Once the action starts, I get up and open the bedroom door. The cat streaks past the dogs and out the door. The dogs go back to bed and I trot off to the bathroom.
Fortunately, the cat likes to stay outside during nice weather. Then, Koko, Mushu and I enjoy the peace and quiet while Tango is out causing mischief somewhere else.