I’ve written two books about my little dog Koko. In my books, Koko is a hero with a forgiving nature. In real life, he’s not that forgiving.
About five years ago,I was eating a sandwich and watching the television when Koko jumped up on the sofa and wanted some of my food. He stared at the sandwich and poked me with his paw. I ignored him and kept on eating. Suddenly, Koko slapped my arm hard with his paw,scratching me with his nail. It felt like a cat clawing me and left a bloody scratch on my arm. I yelled and popped Koko on his bottom. In the six years that Koko had lived with me, I’d never struck him. The little dog looked shocked, jumped down from the sofa and marched into the bedroom. I believe he would have slammed the door if he’d known how.

I got up, washed my wound, put some salve on the scratch,and finished eating. After an hour had passed, I went to check on Koko. He wasn’t under the bed or in the bathroom. I finally spotted him curled up under the dresser. I got on my hands and knees to talk to him. He opened his eye,turned his back to me and faced the wall. As I tried to pet him, he inched further away.

I went in the kitchen and got a begging strip. Normally, I just give him a piece of it, but this time I offered him the whole strip. Koko turned to look at it but wouldn’t take it from my hand. I put the strip on the floor halfway under the dresser and left the room.
Then I peeked through the doorway to see if he would take the treat or leave it on the floor. A minute later, the strip slowly disappeared under the dresser.

I went back to watching television. About an hour later, Koko emerged from the bedroom and stared at me. I called him and the little dog slowly walked to the sofa and hopped up. I petted him and gave him a little kiss on the head and he gave me a little lick on the tip of my nose.

Koko had finally forgiven me! I never popped his rear again.