Recently,I watched an animated Disney movie on TV. The movie was called “UP”. It started out with a young boy and girl sharing a dream about a great adventure in South America. Years later, they were married and began saving for the adventure trip to South America. But life got in the way. Home repairs, car repairs and medical emergencies took away their savings. Before they knew it, they were both old. Then the woman became ill and died before they could act on their life-long dream. Things got worse for the old man before they changed for the better.
The movie reminded me of my own life. My wife Bobbie and I had great plans for our retirement years, but life got in the way. The plant I worked at closed and my skills were not current for the job market. Being nearly sixty and handicapped didn’t help. I could only find part-time work. Our savings melted away despite our prayers. Then Bobbie got sick and we had to sell our house. Even though I was often on my knees praying,crying out to the Lord, my prayers weren’t answered the way I wanted them answered. God needed Bobbie in heaven and called her home. This was a hard thing for me to deal with. I feel God wants us to be happy, but our character is more important to Him than our happiness.
I began to count my blessings and realized that I had much to be thankful about. As I reflected back on the years Bobbie and I had together, I remembered how happy we were. We had shared a great life together.
The old man in the movie found a letter that his wife had written before she passed away. The letter told him to enjoy life and go on his own adventure. After Bobbie passed away, I received Rachel Ray cooking magazines in the mail that Bobbie had ordered for me. She wanted me to eat well. She was worried about my health.
I didn’t really get into cooking, but I found a new adventure in writing books for children. It’s something that I enjoy much more than the work I did for thirty-five years. I’m sad Bobbie’s not here to share my writing adventures, but she’s in heaven on her own adventure serving our Lord.
At the end of the movie, the old man was very happy and enjoyed the rest of his life. I can identify with him. We can still enjoy life after our world falls apart and even find adventure in our golden years. Life is what we make of it. So my advice is don’t stop dreaming and embark on your own adventure.