We all have dreams. Most dreams are hard to remember. But every once in a while, a dream comes along that is crystal clear and is sent to us for a purpose. I had such a dream sent to me many years ago.
My wife, Bobbie, had pulmonary fibrosis, a rare disease that would eventually take her life. Bobbie was on oxygen 24/7, but we could still go places with her portable oxygen tank and a wheelchair.
One night, I had a dream that Bobbie and I were holding hands and strolling along a forest path. Azaleas and flowering schrubs bloomed along the trail. In my dream, we were both old but Bobbie wasn’t sick. Bobbie’s hair was gray and she had the extra weight she’d put on over the years. We were having a great time.
At the end of the woodland trail, we could see a sunny, green meadow. A path bordered with yellow,blue and red flowers crossed the meadow and led up a grassy hill. Large oak trees grew on the hill. Their green leaves covered the path with shade. Blue birds and red cardnials flew among the branches. Colorful flowers surrounded the trees at the top of the hill. Behind the hill was a bright light.
As we started up the hill, my foot got stuck between a rock and a log. Bobbie’s hand slipped from mine as she continued up the pathway. I shouted to her to stop because my foot was stuck and I couldn’t pull it free. Bobbie turned and smiled at me and our eyes locked for a few seconds. Then she began to run up the path. As she ran she became thinner and her hair turned black. As she ran up the hill, she looked twenty years old again. Then, she disappeared into the light.
I woke up and realized that GOD had sent me a dream that He was going to take Bobbie home soon. A few days later, Bobbie’s condition became much worst and she was taken to a hospital. The pulmonary doctor told us she didn’t have much longer. Through my dream, God had prepared me for Bobbie’s leaving and assured me she was going to a better place.
A few weeks later, GOD sent Bobbie dreams. One night, I awoke to hear Bobbie mumbling. I thought she needed something and hurried to her side. She told me she was singing in a dream. She was standing in front of a high metal fence that was white. The people on the other side were all singing hymns. She didn’t recognize any of the people and she couldn’t remember the songs. The next night, she had another dream. She was in front of another white gate and she was singing hymns again. The following night, God took her home.
The dreams were a great comfort to both of us.