My weird experience was really a pair of dreams. Or was it one long dream? The first dream occurred around thirty-eight years ago. I dreamed I and my wife and young son were sitting at the back of a tour boat in some kind of theme park. I was around thirty years old and my son was about four. The boat was on a narrow river and when it rounded a bend, I saw a fishing cabin with a short pier. An old man with a white beard and a balding head sat on the pier, fishing. As the old man was staring at the water,I stared at him because he seemed familiar. Suddenly, the old man looked up and stared at me. I quickly turned my head and looked away. Then it dawned on me why he looked familiar — the old man looked like me! As the boat began to turn away from the cabin, I quickly stood up and glanced back for a last look. The old man continued to stare at me until he and the pier disappeared from my sight. Upon waking, I wondered if that was what I’d look like when I grew older.
The second dream happened when I was in my mid-fifties. I dreamed I was walking along a path and came to a cabin. I walked past the cabin and onto a short pier. Sitting down, I picked up a fishing pole with bait still attached to it and dropped the line in the water. I watched a fish as it swam around the bait. Suddenly, I looked up at a large boat and saw myself of twenty-five years ago staring at me. When the young me looked away, I saw the back of my young wife and son sitting next to him. All of a sudden, the young me stood up and turned to stare into my eyes. Then he and the boat disappeared from my sight.

I woke up and remembered the other dream from twenty-five years ago. Was it two dreams or one dream with a quarter of a century pause?