My little dog Koko was walking the floor at four a.m. this morning. Outside it was storming and the claps of thunder scared my little friend. I got out of bed, put on my shoes and bathrobe. I walked to the back door and opened it in case Koko needed to use the bathroom. Koko hurried to the back door but then stopped. Lightning flashed, thunder boomed and Koko ran back into the den. I closed the door and carried Koko back to bed.

When the sun came up, I got dressed and opened the back door for the pets to go outside. Mushu, my son’s dog, trotted outside along with Tango, my son and daughter-in-law’s cat. Koko stopped at the door. It was still storming outside. Koko returned to the den and lay down on the carpet. I called him but he wouldn’t come to me. So, I picked up the umbrella, opened it, went outside and called my little dog. Koko returned to the door and looked up at me. When I motioned for him to come, he came to me, walked out into the storm and used the bathroom. Koko overcame his fear because I was walking at his side and shielding him from the rain with my umbrella.

Later, I thought how about how much I was like Koko. Last Friday, I had to talk about the writing process at a school. I’d always been afraid to speak in front of an audience. Whenever I have a fear of doing something or facing a hard task, I pray to my Lord. I prayed to GOD to give me confidence when talking in front of the students. After I prayed, I knew that I’d be fine because GOD had stood by me many times in the past. During my presentation, I never felt nervous and I had fun talking to the young people. I knew that I wasn’t alone; GOD was with me. Like Koko, I can overcome my fears when I know that my master is standing beside me.

Koko is very old, and I know that one of these days I’ll be taking my little friend to the vet for the last time. But when my old friend leaves this world, I’ll be standing beside him.