If you drive a car in or around the Atlanta area, you’ve probably seen or been the victim of road rage. A few months ago, I was the victim of road rage. I wasn’t driving fast enough for the young woman behind me. I’m in my sixties, and she looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties. Although I was going a few miles per hour over the speed limit, that wasn’t fast enough for her. She rode my bumper until she found enough room to pass me. But, alas, she still got caught by the red light.

As I pulled up behind her, she glared at me in her rear view mirror. When she caught my eye, she flipped me a bird. Now she was at least thirty years younger than me, so I couldn’t imagine why she propositioned me. But not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth, I put on a big grin ,nodded my head and gave her the okay sign. She quickly looked away. A few seconds later, she glanced in her mirror again and saw me smoothing down my eyebrows, which are a little bushy.

When the light changed to green, she took off like a rocket. I tried to keep up, but she was traveling well above the speed limit. She was headed for another light that had just changed from green to yellow. She never touched her brakes and made it through the intersection before the light changed to red. I was thankful she had made it and hadn’t caused a horrible wreck. She didn’t even get a ticket. Well, she was in a big hurry and may have driven that fast anyway.

From now on when a young woman gives me the finger, I’ll shake my fist at her and beat on the dashboard with my cane. But I won’t smile and give her the okay sign. It’s just too dangerous!

But then again, I might get lucky.