Last Wednesday, I had the carpet steam cleaned in my apartment. After the cleaning, the carpet looked like it did when I first moved in. All of Koko’s hair came out of the carpet, and the whole apartment smelled better. The only thing that bothered me was I’d have to leave Koko alone the next day for about four hours to attend a luncheon for my Aunt Jeanie’s 82nd birthday. Koko is an old dog. I was afraid he might have an accident on my clean carpet. Nevertheless, I left with my son the next day. If there was a wet spot when I got back home, I had stuff to clean it up.

On the way back home, I asked my son Shane to come in and see my clean carpet. When I opened the door, we immediately noticed a wet spot on the floor and a few other things. Despite having two poops that morning, Koko had done a rare third one in the apartment. Koko doesn’t do his business in one spot; he waddles along dropping little piles like he’s making a bomb run. He’d left six little packages about two feet apart. But that wasn’t enough! Koko is almost blind, so he typically walks around in circles to get his bearings. As he circled, he stepped in his poops mashing them deeper into the carpet. From the brown paw prints on the carpet, I estimated that he must have circled the coffee table at least three times. The living and dining area looked like one of those maps for small children where they follow one of four sets of foot prints to find the treasure chest.

It took quite a while for me to remove all the paw prints with my sanitary wipes. After cleaning fifty, I stopped counting. I thought I was finished until I saw the back bedroom. Koko, bless his little heart,  had made a loop through there as well! It was at this point that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I thought about what a thorough job the little guy had done and ended up laughing. I picked him up, gave him a kiss on his little head and took him out for a walk before he decided it was time to make another bomb run.

Koko will be eighteen years old this fall and I thank GOD for all the years I’ve had the little stinker.

J.R. Hardin