My little dog, Koko, passed away last October. He was a little over eighteen years old and his little body was just worn out. I have his ashes in a walnut urn that displays a photograph of him. I plan to have the urn placed in my coffin when I pass away.
I kept my son’s dog, Mushu, for several months after Koko died. Moochee in my books is patterned after Mushu. Mushu passed away last June from cancer. He was nearly fifteen years old. They both lived long lives, but I miss not having them around.
My Dental Hygienist had an eight year old Maltese she wanted to give someone that loved dogs. She had read my books about Koko and thought of me. She asked me if I wanted Fonzie. The name Fonzie was taken from a cool dude from the television series, “Happy Days.” I agreed to take Fonzie for a trial period to see if we were compatible. After a couple of weeks I decided to keep him.
Fonzie and I have been together for several months and we love each other. He sleeps on the bed with me and likes to cuddle. It’s nice having another little dog to love since Koko and Mushu left me to be with my wife, Bobbie, in heaven.